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Founder of Sette Jewels, Hüseyin Kaygısız, Became the Star of the Summit in Exports

Ipekyol Jewelry Leads in Exports

Hüseyin Kaygısız, the founder of İpekyolu Kuyumculuk and Sette Jewels company, participated in the Export Fair organized by the “Jewelry Exporters Association” on April 18th. For the 8th time in the ‘Silver Jewelry category’ at the Stars Award Ceremony, he was honored with the first prize.

At this prestigious award ceremony, attended by many prominent figures, Hüseyin Kaygısız’s remarks garnered attention:

“We are committed to furthering our contribution to Turkey’s centennial export initiatives. It brings us great pride to be not only a major player but also an integral part of Turkey’s export landscape. Through unwavering dedication and a steadfast aim of attaining global leadership, we are pushing boundaries, setting new benchmarks, and achieving records together.

The key to our success lies in delivering the right product to the market at the right time and at the right price. However, the most crucial aspect is hard work. Our innovative and unique designs, along with our commitment to high quality, have made us a preferred choice worldwide. The products of Sette Jewels, one of our subsidiary brands, also enjoy significant recognition abroad.”

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