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The Linea collection, where linear elegance meets minimalist details, draws attention with its unique designs. Fine lines and small stones make each ring special. Combining fashion and elegance, the Linea collection adds value to every moment. These rings are ready to complement your elegance not only in daily wear but also on your special occasions.

Linea Rec Zircon Ring

Linea Rec Zircon Ring is an exquisite representation of elegance and sophistication. With a large rectangular zircon stone at its center, adorned by small zircon stones on the sides, this ring captures attention effortlessly. Crafted with precision from 14k gold, it adds a sophisticated touch to every moment.

Linea Minor Zircon Ring

Linea Minor Zircon is a delicately elegant ring composed of tiny zircon stones. Crafted from 14k gold, this refined and versatile ring is perfect for combining with various styles, adding a touch of sophistication to any ensemble.

Linea X Zircon Ring

Linea X Zircon is an elegant ring adorned with tiny zircon stones delicately arranged between two X shapes. The meticulous placement of zircon stones adds a unique detail to this ring. Crafted from 14k gold, this refined, chic, and versatile ring perfectly complements various combinations.

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